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Arab-Muslim IAT

Before the Test:

The Arab-Muslim IAT would be the first IAT test I have ever taken. According to Loyola Marymount University (n.d.), the IAT distinguishes whether a person has a hidden bias towards certain groups or concepts that have led to them to having their own stereotypes. The reason I chose to do the Arab-Muslim IAT first as it felt like a good option to start as I identify myself as both Arab and Muslim. When someone is giving a go at something new, they want to try to attach themselves to anything that sounds familiar and that is exactly what I’m doing. I believe I am going to do pretty well on this test as I am surrounded by Arab names all the time and anytime I hear a name of a person that is unfamiliar, I instantly know that this person is not from the Arab region. I don’t believe that I have a bias towards one side as I try my best to treat everyone equally.

After the Test:

As I have predicated, my results indicated that I have no preference between Arab Muslims and Other People. I think when someone is heavily embedded in a particular society or culture, it is easy for them to notice when something is different and that is why I believe I got that result at the end. The test itself was not very challenging as I know Arab names quite well and I am very familiar with the English language, so it was relatively easy to differentiate between each name or word. Also, I’m someone who does his best to look at things as objectively as possible; however, I do acknowledge the fact that I may be bias sometimes to some group of people, Due to my awareness of my bias, I am able to pinpoint my defaults and work on not generating stereotypes, which I think ultimately leads me to eliminate any preferences I may have.



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