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Asian IAT

Before the Test:

During this round, I decided to do the Asian IAT since I wanted to do something that would be completely different to what I’m used to. I usually feel that it is easy to differentiate between Asians and others, so I’m intrigued to see how I’ll do. I think I am going to do pretty well; even-though, I am not surrounded by Asians, I think they are easy to recognize.

After the Test:

Well, my results show a strong automatic association for American with European American and Foreign with Asian American. Honestly, while doing the test, I realized that I was associating Asian and non-American, not intentionally though. I think it is because my categories the West as one look and the Asian as another, so mixing the two together conflicted my mind slightly. For decades, leaders that have came out of America and Europe have been non-Asians and they were the ones that represented their countries, which may have created a certain image in our minds. It could sometimes be hard to imagine Asians outside of Asia just because of their distinctive look and culture and this goes to show that each one of us has a particular “look” for each territory.

Validity/Credibility of the IAT

I think the IAT can really show the person’s true bias and reveal certain stereotypes we may have, but is not reliable. According to Schimmack (2021), the IAT disregard important facts like each person’s cognition, making the test insufficient in measuring all individuals appropriately.


Schimmack U. (2021). Invalid Claims About the Validity of Implicit Association Tests by Prisoners of the Implicit Social-Cognition Paradigm. Perspectives on psychological science : a journal of the Association for Psychological Science16(2), 435–442.


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